🤘 Add Projects

Adding a Project to ring.json via Pull Request

  1. Access the Repository:

    Ensure you have access to the project’s repository.

  2. Find ring.json:

    Locate the ring.json file in the project’s source code repository.

  3. Edit ring.json:

    Add a new project entry to the existing list with this format:

    	"name": "Your Project Name",
    	"repo": "https://www.github.com/yourusername/yourproject",
    	"description": "A brief description of your project.",
    	"languages": ["Language", "tags", "form", "your", "github", "repository"]

    Replace placeholders with your project’s actual information.

  4. Create a Pull Request:

    Create a pull request from your branch to the main branch. Provide details about the changes you made.

  5. Review and Confirm:

    Review your pull request and confirm that it looks correct. Once approved, your project will be added to the webring.

Adding projects via repo tag

Coming Soon.