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Thai Open Source Ring

A webring of 🇹🇭 Open Source Projects and Developers

Astro, JavaScript, HTML


Open-source UI library, design system, templates and plugins for Thai websites.


TypeScript framework supercharged by Bun with End-to-End Type Safety.


A modern, markdown-based cloud-native wiki engine


Calendar of Tech Event in your town

Data Science Blocks

Use blocks for data science. Graph, dataset, mutating data.

CodeJourney: Internship Stories

Collecting Internship Articles in the Programmer


Parliament Watch

Record and visualise the Thai parliament information including politicians, assemblies, bills, voting processes, and promises. (Free stickers for Hacktoberfest!)

Joy Treasury

Design inspiration to reality with Joy UI.


a knowledge source repository dedicated to collecting various resources related to the application of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) in a wide range of domains


Printer-friendly standard résumé. Any sections can be hidden to fit into a single page of paper.


We are a medium of creative youths with a passion for personal growth and development.


Interactive design laboratory for communicating music with colors and shapes


Type-safe Azure Function Library, writing the Azure serverless function with confidence.

Thai Baht Text js

JavaScript library for convert numerical or number values into Thai Baht text

Killercoda Docker Lab

The source code for Killercoda Docker Lab available here: https://killercoda.com/cloudnc

TiDB Multi Kubernetes Cluster

A setup guideline to demonstrate how we use multi Kubernetes clusters for database scaling

Kubernetes Traffic Failover

A setup guideline to demonstrate how we use another cluster for failover

Base EKS on AWS

A collection of Terraform modules to reduce complexity for getting started on AWS EKS

Thai Citizen ID Validator

A Thai Citizen ID validator with 0 dependencies.

Zero Share

A client-side secure P2P file sharing using WebRTC.

MongoDB Thailand User Group Website

MongoDB knowledge sharing for Thailand community


Thai Natural Language Processing in Python

Visual Assembly Canvas

A visual canvas and bytecode virtual machine for writing assembly to build cool things. Create machines and connect them together.

Open Cybernetic Dance

An open-source cybernetic dance system built with Three.js and motion capture, based on traditional Thai dances and performance arts, in collaboration with MIT Media Lab and Pichet Klunchun Dance Company.

Spending Visualizer

Parses your transactions from credit card and bank statements, and visualizes how you spend your money. Built with TypeScript, Svelte and SvelteKit.


Organizing tech events doesn't have to be chaotic! A collection of tools and applications that help your team run events, from early planning to the chaotic event days. Built with TypeScript, React, Vite, Nest.js, GraphQL and Prisma.

Unicode Sprite

Turn a unicode character into a 4x4 binary matrix. Create cool drawings out of unicode strings.

Learn NVIM

Learn NeoVim your personal development editor.By translating from English to Thai.


A website that provides you with the fundamentals of algorithmic problem-solving. Practice programming with various problems from Thailand.

Mini Game Craft Your Sword

it's Mini Game it Github, Submit a PR with chosen materials and see if you can forge a legendary blade. Will you craft a gleaming sword or end up with mere shards? Try your luck in our virtual smithy!

Vercel - multi branch deployment

Use GitHub Actions to deploy a frontend project from different branches (dev, uat, master), each with their own preview environment.


Hackable web-based MIDI controller.


Quickly search for chords of Thai songs.

Hello World In Different Language!

Hello World in different Language. Just for Fun


RocksDB binding for Common Lisp



chamkho-pg's objective is enabling PostgreSQL full-text searching on SE Asian languages. Currently, chamkho-pg supports Lao and Thai


Khmer, Lao, Myanmar, and Thai word segmentation/breaking library and command line

The Data Engineering Book (Thai)

The Data Engineering Book for Thai Data Engineers (Thai version)


Khmer, Lao, Myanmar, and Thai word segmentation/breaking library in Python written in Rust

Wonderful Webring

This “web ring” was created to encourage Thai artists, designers, and developers. Create your own website and share traffic with each other.

.NET Thailand Website

A website for .NET Thailand community to contribute and share knowledge to Thailand programmers.


a collection of useful Github actions and workflows used to build CI pipelines for TypeScript applications.

Clean Architecture in .NET

A sample project for Clean Architecture in .NET from Zero to Hero.

Hand Detection control every things

Detection hand and posture send data to mqtt to board KidBright

UUID Clipboard

Auto generate UUID and copy to clipboard by golang.


oh my zsh Git alias liked but on Powershell


On This Day

Curate historical events for each day in Markdown format, featuring the date and concise event descriptions for easy exploration of notable moments in history.


CLI TOTP token generator with autocomplete.


Double-Array Trie Library


LibThai is a set of Thai language support routines.


Fonts-TLWG is a collection of Thai scalable fonts available under free licenses.


This is SCIM IMEngine module for Thai, based on libthai library.


IBus-LibThai is a Thai input method engine for IBus, based on the LibThai library.


Deploying Simple Python MNIST Tensorflow Model to an interactive React.js Website


pgcli wrapper to connect to PostgreSQL database specified in db.yaml. Proxy/tunnel connection is automatically created and killed when pgcli is exited.

Metro Fare

a software application for route navigation of Mass Transit System in Bangkok, Thailand.


OpenThaiGPT focuses on developing a Thai Chatbot system to have capabilities equivalent to ChatGPT, as well as being able to connect to external systems and be able to retrieve data flexibly. Easily expandable and customizable and developed into Free open source software for everyone.

Thai Law: Telegram Bot

A Telegram bot for search Thai Act article using a text from Krisdika. For quick and crude to search the law.

typescript, bun


Golang thai id validator tool

React useless hook

A collection of React Custom Hooks that should not belong anywhere.


Too long unresolved promise is tired and I gonna give up. (Promise with timeout)


Open-Waifu open-sourced finetunable customizable simpable AI waifu inspired by neuro-sama Powered by Open-Sourced Model



Thai Tax Calculator 2566 Version to calculate the Tax.


A CUI (with cool interface) program that help photographer batch squarefitted their image and optimize for instagram posting.

ESP-32 Ultimate Weather station

An advanced weather station powered by ESP-32 and BME-280. Features a locally-hosted web interface on the ESP-32 and offers long-term monitoring capabilities through Prometheus and Grafana.

Go testcases Generator

A tool for generate leetcode testcases by insert URL.


Type definition for develop Proxyman scripting


Easy Proxy

Easy Proxy, a simple proxy server designed to provide essential features for network traffic management and proxying.


Cert Maker

A PDF certificate maker.

Bad Boyz

A web application for badminton matches. You can choose the number of bad courts. and the number of players in the team. Use it at https://badminton.atipnasakun.online


Cross Clipboard

An open source cross-platform clipboard sharing.


Svelte component to convert TeX/LaTeX to MathML or SVG.


A client-side secure P2P file sharing using WebRTC.


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